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November 07 2012
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Gif Challenge…..Supernatural…again.

You are:

Your mom’s reaction to your birth:

Oh gosh everything’s perfect so far…

Your first day at home:

What is this.

Your first memory:


Learning to walk:

Leaning to talk:


Parents’ reaction to when you first used the potty:

First Christmas:

Omg but he is still so beautiful it hurts my soul.

First day of school:

First friend:


First day of middle school:

Omg yes.

Learning that there is no recess in middle school:

Ugh this man.

Leaning that there’s no Santa Clauses:

How your best friends see you:

Absolutely, positively, perfect.

Learning to drive:

When you land your dream career:

Your reaction to getting proposed to:


You get married to:

When you get married:

No comment.

Your honeymoon:

Baby got back!:

How your first child’s gonna be:

Got that right, son.

You retire from your epic job:

You get too old to take care of yourself:

Omg I swear this is so perfect.

You die:

People at your funeral:

Your friends at your funeral:

Your after life:

Omg. Yes. Just yes.